Headache and Migraine Treatment in Hackensack, NJ

Nine out of 10 Americans suffer from headaches. Most common are tension, cluster, and migraine. 95% of headaches occur as a result of muscle tension and joint irritation in the neck, back, and scalp.

The following contribute to headaches:

Sitting in front of a Computer
Poor Posture
Repetitive Activities
Alcohol (red wine)
Certain Foods
Lack of Sleep

It’s very easy to gravitate to over-the-counter medication when a headache occurs. Unfortunately, the headaches return, oftentimes more debilitating than before. A better, more effective, drug-free solution is the chiropractic and physical therapy treatments we provide.

Our team of highly-educated physicians meet with you and find the root cause of the problem. After the examination, they use a set of gentle techniques to reduce stress in the neck and help you get relief.

Chiropractic and physical therapy are non-invasive pain management solutions that help alleviate migraines and headaches while accelerating healing. After a few sessions, you will begin feeling some relief. It’s important to continue with the treatment plan recommended by the chiropractic and physical therapy physician to achieve the best results.

Chiropractic treatment for headaches and migraines includes:

Manipulation of the spine
Electrical Stimulation
Heat or Ice Therapy
Narson Tool

Physical therapy treatment headaches and migraines includes:

Therapeutic Activities
Dynamic exercises
Active Release Technique

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