Sports Injuries and Exercise Injuries Treatment in Hackensack, NJ

Are you a runner? An athlete? A fitness expert? A weekend warrior?

No matter what fitness levels you achieve and no matter how knowledgeable you may be when it comes to smart exercising techniques, accidents happen and a sports or an exercise injury can be devastating. Most injuries impact the musculoskeletal system – muscles, bones, and tissues.

Most amateur, collegiate, and professional athletes, as well as fitness experts and trainers, have easy access to chiropractors and physical therapists. And at Elite Wellness & Sports Medicine Center, we pride ourselves on serving as YOUR chiropractic and physical therapy team when you experience an injury or if you decide to train for your next big event – a marathon, a triathlon, or a 3-on-3 basketball tournament.

Everyone deserves the same care that professional athletes receive, and our experts are here to provide that for you.

We have extensive background in athletic training and have worked with many sport teams. We know how to treat acute injuries, sprains, strains, injuries to the knees, feet, hands, shoulders, as well as injuries from repetitive motions like bench-pressing and squatting.

We help manage your rehabilitation journey and get you back to sports and exercises you love, whether in the gym, on the court, or in the field.

The most common sports injuries are:

Tennis or Golf Elbow
Hamstring Strain
Shin Splints
Groin Pull
ACL Tear or Strain
Hip Flexor Strain
Shoulder Injury
Patellofemoral Syndrome
Rotator Cuff Injuries
Plantar Fasciitis
Sprains and Strains

Sprains and Strains

A sprain is an overstretched, torn, or twisted ligament, whereas a strain is an overstretched, torn, or twisted tendon or muscle. Both are incredibly painful and can occur instantly.

The most common causes of sprains and strains include falling, twisting, trauma to a joint, lifting heavy objects, running, jumping, or slipping. People who participate in sports and fitness activities will likely experience a sprain or strain at some point, but they can happen to anyone.

Symptoms include:

Limited Joint Movements
Inability to Bear Weight
“Popping” Sensation at Time of Injury
Muscle Spasms

The “RICE” protocol is an easy, at-home pain management treatment for many sport injuries, including sprains and strains, that is often recommended by athletic trainers and physicians:

Rest: stop what you were doing immediately

Ice: apply ice to the injured area for up to 20 minutes every 2 to 3 hours. A bag of frozen vegetables can be substituted if ice is not quickly available.

Compression: since it’s important to reduce swelling, wrap the affected area with a bandage. If the area starts getting numb or if pain increases, loosen the bandage.

Elevation: keep the injured area raised above the check level.

If the RICE protocol is helping, but slowly, give us a call. Our chiropractic and physical therapy physicians can evaluate you and develop a customized rehabilitation plan to get you feeling better faster.

Most sports injuries are caused by poor training practices, improper gear, not being in adequate shape, or not warming up or stretching enough.

At Elite Wellness & Sports Medicine Center, our chiropractic and physical therapy physicians focus on strengthening muscles, improving mobility, improving posture, and healing the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

After a few sessions, you will begin to feel some relief. It’s important to continue with the treatment plan recommended by the chiropractic and physical therapy physician to achieve the best results.

If you experience a sports or an exercise injury, give us a call at (201) 646-2500 right away. The first 48-72 hours from the onset of injury are crucial.

We can get you in same day or next day and we accept most major medical insurances and Medicare.

We are here to help you feel better, stronger, and quicker.

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